6 Cool Useful Websites

screaming lady on cell phone
Want to get out of your cell phone contract? How about getting a human when calling customer service? Or would you love to find cool music to fit your mood. Here are some cool useful websites:
  1. Cell Phone Contracts – Want out of your cell phone contract? You may be able to do just that. Check out: CellSwapper or CellTradeUSA
  2. Customer Service Frustration – Frustration No More! GetHuman is a website that tells you which prompts to press to get a REAL human customer service instead of the automated one.

  3. Toilet Finder – Yes, I was shocked about this one too, but apparently Mizpee is a website that helps you locate public restrooms in your area.

  4. Music by your Mood Music according to your mood, energy level, genre, and more. Awesome page! There’s also another site called Pandora, this one is also pretty cool.

  5. Traveling packing list – This is an online wizard that helps you create a packing list as you get ready for your trip. Very useful!

  6. Merci/Gracias/Arigato – want to learn a new language this year? Try Mango, a free interactive website that helps you get started.

*This information was obtained from: Dumb Little Man

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