Fresh Air For Your Home

Air in the house hard to breathe?! Air Purifiers are helpful if you suffer from allergies and/or asthma, but they can also be a bit costly.

There’s an economical way to purify the air in your house: HOUSE PLANTS!

Certain house plants can work as natural air purifiers to remove organic chemicals and toxins from the air, and you wondered why some people have a lot of plants in their house.

Below are 6 house plants that help purify the air you breathe:

Mother In Law
1) Mother-In-Law’s Tongue – this house plant requires minimal care and makes a great conversational item.
English Ivy
2) English Ivy – very easy to care
Peace Lily
3) Peace Lily – a must have. Also known as a Friendship Plant.
Chinese Evergreen
4) Chinese Evergreen – Loves low light environment, easy to care.
Spider Plant
5) Spider Plant – Enjoy natural light, but not direct light
Bamboo Palm
6) Bamboo Palm – very low maintenance plant, just don’t use tap water when watering it.

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