Get That Job!

Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity!
Elmer Letterman

The Learning Annex has an amazing Interviewing class that everyone looking for a job should take, the name of the class is Power Interviewing: Proven Techniques to Get Any Job with Barry Cohen and Mark Wallach.

Here are some tips that you should never forget when going for a job interview:

    • Break the Ice:
      Find something in common with the interviewer. Remember to comment on an object of mutual interest since people hire those closer to themselves.
    • Summarize the product being sold (Product = YOU):
      Keep your listener attention. (Remember your resume is written for the eye, interview is given for the ear). Also, remember to nod your head in agreement whenever your interviewer speaks.
    • End the Interview:
      When asked “do you have any questions?” You should ask questions like these:

      1. If I were hired whom would I report to?
      2. Having met me, where can you see me three years from today with your company?
      3. Based on my experience, how do you see me fitting into your company?

Just Hired cartoon
For more information and tips on preparing for an interview, visit: Power Interviewing

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