7 Worst and Best Places to Live

Tooth brushes

  1. Worst place for your toothbrush – The bathroom sink.
    Best Place:
    The medicine cabinet or nearby cupboard.
  2. Worst place for your shoes/sneakers – the bedroom closet.
    Best Place: is to remove shoes by the door.
  3. Worst place to cool leftovers – The refrigerator.
    Best Place: is to leave food to cool on the counter for up to an hour after cooking.
  4. Worst place to sit on the plane – The rear.
    Best Place: Near the wings.

    Bathroom stalls

  5. Worst place to place your handbag – The kitchen counter.
    Best Place: Drawer or on a chair.
  6. Worst stall to pick in a public restroom – the middle.
    Best Stall: either end.
  7. Worst place for your TV – Wherever you dine.
    Best Place: Up or Down a flight of stairs.
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