He/She – 5 Signs That Neither One Is Interested

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So I was reading a fellow blogger’s blog, I came across the following “relationship” tips. Mr. Fly Guy breaks it really down:

5 Signs That She’s Not Interested:
  1. She never meets you alone.

    “I have to drop my girlfriend off at her man’s house…I’m sorry. I knew we should have driven separate cars.”
    Yeah right…

  2. She brings up other women.

    “Oooh, she’s cute. You should get her number.”

  3. She avoids any romantic setting.

  4. She keeps saying she’s not looking for someone.

    “I’m not looking for someone right now.”

  5. She never answers or returns your calls.
*To read more about these signs, visit: She’s Not Interested

5 Signs That He’s Not Interested:

  1. He never calls first.

  2. He never attempts to make any plans with you.

    Late night calls asking you to “come over and watch this movie with me,” don’t exactly equate to him making legitimate plans.

  3. He constantly cancels the date at the last minute.

    “Hey I’m sorry, but my job is making me work late again. My boss always seems to find a way to keep us apart.”

  4. He becomes a master magician (now you see me, now you don’t.)

  5. He begins to point out your differences.

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