Jay & Beyonce – The Wedding?!

Beyonce and Jay Z
(not a wedding picture)

So supposedly there was a “theory” to Beyonce & Jay Z’s “wedding”

B’s birthday is September 4th.
Jay’s birthday is December 4th.
They have matching IV tats on their ring fingers acquired in Paris.
He owns the 40/40 clubs.
Wedding Day: April 4th.

Are you serious?! Hmm, some people have a lot of time in their hands to plan weddings like this.
Anyways, according to Perez Hilton the wedding location was at 195 Hudson St. Tribeca, NYC.

Perez Hilton states the wedding was a white affair, with guests wearing cream-colored outfits. Attendees included all the Knowles, the Destiny’s Childrenz and Gwyneth & Chris Martin. (Perez Hilton)
An update: The two are also planning to have another ceremony in Paris on May 4, 2008. The power couple have said that four is their lucky number, hence the reason for their weddings on April 4 and May 4. (SOHH)
Just for laughs:
Beyonce and Jay Z's Kids


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  1. Ely

    And to add to the theory (my sister pointed out)…if u rotate the 8…it’s the symbol for infinity! lol