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Summer is right around the corner and you know what that means, sleeveless shirt, bikini tops, tube tops, halters, etc…Therefore our underarms need to stay sexy and clean. Here are some tips to help you keep them that way, SMOOTH and EVEN TONED:

Hair Growth
The simple reason for any darkening of your underarms is natural hair growth. Try waxing your underarms, so even the roots of your underarm hairs are pulled out.
Waxing sounds painful?
Back to shaving?!
Try shaving this way:
Allow two minutes in the shower to soften your skin and hair. Use real shaving cream or gel, not soap since this will clog the razor, remember to shave upwards, downwards and sideways, rinsing off your razor between strokes.

Reside could be another reason for dark underarms, and maybe all you need is a good scrubbing!
Sweat, impurities and leftover deodorant can accumulate if you don’t exfoliate your underarms regularly.
Try exfoliating every other day when you shower. Wet your skin and use a loofah to rub away all the impurities.
Hyper Pigmentation
Maybe dark underarms runs in the family.
It’s in the Genes!
You can try whitening creams and products. If that doesn’t work, consider bleaching or peeling, although there is a high-risk of discomfort like redness and itchiness.
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