Tips on Tipping

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Tipping! Do we really have to?!

Tipping is meant as a form of THANK YOU for your service, or before a service as a bribe for a special treatment. Below are a few tips on tipping that you’ll find useful:


Maitre d’: $20 or more, if a special service is performed such as getting you a table when you have no reservation and the restaurant is full.

Waiters: 15-20% of the bill, unless a gratuity is already added to the bill.

Sommelier (Wine Steward): 15% percent of the bottle price

Cocktail Waitress or Bar Waiter: 15% of bill or $1 minimum whichever is greater (i.e. if a drink costs $5, then 15% is 75 cents, but leave $1).
Bartenders: if you are served at the bar, 15% of the bill, or $1 minimum, whichever is greater.

Coat Check: $1 per coat

Restroom Attendants: $0.50-$1

Musician in Lounge: $1-$5

Tipping a waiter HOTEL:

Parking Valets: $1-$2 when you leave your car and again when they get your car.

$1 per bag plus a couple extra if he shows you the room.

Doorman: $1 for hailing a cab; if he helps with luggage, same as Bell Hop.

Concierge: nothing for simple questions. But, if they make restaurant reservations, obtain theater tickets for you, make travel arrangements, then $5-$10 per task performed. Put the gratuity in an envelope with a note of thanks and give to the concierge.

Room Service: 15% of the bill, unless a gratuity is already added, then no additional tip or $1.

Delivery to Room: if you requested something delivered such as a hairdryer: $1-$2.

Housekeepers (maids): $1-2 per day left at the end of your stay.

Spa Services: 15-20%, if a service charge is not already included.

Swimming Pool Attendant: No tip for handing out towels, only if special service performed, then $1-$2.

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