4 Tips to Lower Your Bills


Eliminate your landline and use Skype instead

You can call any number in the U.S. and Canada and it only costs $2.95 a month – plus you get some minutes to use calling anywhere in the world.

Switch banks for primary savings and checking

It helps saves money on those annoying fees, and you can earn interest on your savings and checking. You can switch to ING Direct you won’t have any fees and you can earn interest on your checking.

Avoid buying books at the bookstore or Amazon and visit your local library and Paperbackswap

Hit the library for those bestseller books that you just have to read, but if you really want a copy, just get a copy from Paperbackswap.com it saves you money.

Cancel that Netflix and/or other video rentals and visit the library instead

We all love movies but did you know that the library has those same movies you are renting from Netflix and/or other video rentals. Not only that but you can get them for free. So why not use that instead.

For more tips on saving money visit: The Simple Dollar

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One thought on “4 Tips to Lower Your Bills

  1. donte

    This is sooo true, I use ING and it works wonders. MY cousin uses Skype and he loves it, I’m just too lazy too get a house phone. I was just considering getting netflix too but since your other two pieces of advise had some credibility to it, I’ll pass on the netflix..THANK KMP YOU GUYS ROOOCK!!!!

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