The Barry or The iPhone?! – That is the question

While so many of us are getting older and we need to upgrade ourselves, one thing that we need to really upgrade is our cell phones. If you find yourself having the same cell phone as a teenager, then you know it is time for an UPGRADE. Meaning, drop those Sidekicks if you are a not in HS, no exceptions: LX, Slider, III, II, I, drop them with the quickness.

So here are two great options for you GROWN and SEXY, but which one do you choose:
The BlackBerry Curve (8300) Vs. The Apple iPhone

BB Curve:

Blackberry Curve 8310

– Great for a Corporate user – compatible with your company’s BlackBerry Enterprise server with support for Microsoft Exchange, IBM Lotus Domino, or Novell GroupWise to deliver corporate e-mail in real time.
– Attachment viewer – can open Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Corel WordPerfect, PDFs, JPEG, GIF, and more.
– Full QWERTY keyboard – making typing emails and text messages easier.
– Price – about $100 less than the iPhone
– Wireless Modem – you can use your BB as a wireless modem for your computer.

iPhone 1st Generation

– Phone and Widescreen iPod – with touch controls allowing you to fully enjoy your music, audiobooks, videos, TV shows, and movies
– Screen – 3.5-inch widescreen display (BlackBerry Curve only has a 2.5 inch screen).
– Best Music Phone – The BlackBerry curve does have a media player, however with all the iPod features and 4 GB / 8 GB space, it makes the iPhone the best music phone.
– Easy dialing/calling – allows you to make a call by just pointing at a contact in your address book.
– Visual Voicemail – allows you to check which voicemail you would like to listen to, just like email, in whatever order you want.
– HTML Emails – not boring text emails.
– WiFi enabled – gives you an option to switch to faster Wi-FI networks instead of using EDGE which aren’t that slow but also aren’t very fast (Please Note: newer versions of BlackBerry are now coming with WiFi)
– iPhone’s Full QWERTY – soft keyboard lets you easily send and receive SMS messages in multiple sessions. Keyboard predictability, prevents and corrects mistakes, making it easier and more efficient to use.
– Better Battery Life – iPhone is expected to have better battery life of up to 5 hours for Talk / Video / Browsing as compared to up to 4 hours of battery life for the BlackBerry Curve
– Better Camera – takes better quality pics than the BB Curve.
3G iPhone – Launches June 9, 2008, wait for it, wait for it…

So which one do you choose, one that fits your lifestyle best. Some people complain that iPhone’s plans are a bit expensive, I have a BB Curve and my bill hasn’t been lower than 80 bucks, and that’s with employee discount, so don’t expect to pay less than 80 bucks for an iPhone plan, and if you do, please share.

Here’s another option for those that do not mind waiting a little bit longer:

Click for more info: The Blackberry BOLD

Blackberry Bold 9000

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One thought on “The Barry or The iPhone?! – That is the question

  1. Glenn

    I enjoyed reading your blog. I just read that Brits vote iPhone 8th greatest invention. I love my Iphone.