Get Fit with WiiFit

So earlier this week Nintendo Wii, came out with a fabulous new game the Nintendo Wii Fit.


What’s so fabulous about this game?!
You should see it for yourself:

WiiFit – A New Way of Working out at home

Wii Fit images
The Pros:

  • Balance board is a great new peripheral
  • Exercises will help your balance and strength
  • Beats the repetitiveness of going to the gym
  • Some fun balance board games
  • Pleasant presentation throughout

The Cons:

  • Can’t create your own exercise program
  • You’re forced to unlock most of the activities
  • Some games are rather shallow
  • Health and fitness assessments can be problematic
  • Board is sensitive, but you can still cheat at exercises

So now that you know this, here is some more disappointing news, WiiFit is sold out in most stores, but I’m sure you can place an order for when more become available. Also, prepare to spend a pretty penny for this game, the game costs about $89.99.

*For more reviews visit: Gamespot

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2 thoughts on “Get Fit with WiiFit

  1. KMP (Keep Me Posted)

    wow, hmm, I wonder how WiiFit figures out if a person is FAT or not. I hope that they are using some sort of Medical table/chart or something. But in any case they shouldn't use words such as FAT. This is good information, Thanks E.D!

  2. Anonymous

    FYI I read an article this week about a family in England who plan to sue because their daughter played this game and in the fitness assessment it called the girl "fat"…the girl is athletic and active, at appropriate age so they are saying that the game is insensitive and should have a label that it is probabaly not accurate assessing children's fitness and is more geared to adults…sooo if u don't want to destroy the little bit of self esteem ur kid has, don't trust the WiiFit. lol*E.D*

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