NBA Richard Jefferson’s Drama – KMP’s POV

So this week we’ve been hearing about the Richard Jefferson’s Choking Incident:

  • Nets’ Jefferson charged with assaulting man in January – ESPN
  • NBA Star Charged With Assault – TMZ
  • NBA player charged with choking Minneapolis man at ritzy hotel – Star Tribune
  • Jefferson Talks – NY Times

Richard Jefferson

and all the he said, she said, I saw, you saw. It wasn’t me, my throat hurts, lol, etc…

I’ll try to be neutral on this blog because I respect some athletes, but the reason for this is to make light of the situation.

This is what we know so far:

  • On Jan. 27, 2008 – RJ went to a club at the Graves Hotel in Minnesota. RJ “supposedly” entered Lyle Fox’s private party and was asked to leave, RJ got angry, grabbed Lyle and choked him.

    Richard Jefferson, hulk, angry

  • RJ states it was a party for Vince Carter’s birthday, Lyle was drunk and RJ basically just wanted some space.
  • RJ does not admit to choking the victim
  • On May 7, 2008 RJ was charged with assault and was interviewed on Sirius Satellite Radio stating the following: “…some drunk individual wants to come up and, you know, then, of course, when they start telling their side of the story we’re the big bad athletes that think they can get away with everything and then they’re some innocent individual that has never made a mistake in their life.”
  • Richard Jefferson has been charged with assault, and his first court hearing is set for June 18.

So here’s the thing, did RJ really do it?
Ok, maybe he did, but do we really know how it went down, like did this Lyle dude come up to RJ politely and said excuse me sir, can you please exit my party, or was Lyle rude and drunk, and cursed RJ out in a nasty way?! I guess unless we were there we would never know.

Here’s my advice to Party Goers/Throwers and Athletes:

Party Goers/Throwers
if you throw a private party and celebrities happens to show up BE GLAD you have a celebrity..take pics put it on your Myspace page; if you get choked post that ish on YouTube.
I mean if you really wanted a “PRIVATE” party, have that ish at home, or rent the whole club to yourself and your friends.

Also, if you are drunk and you see a 6’7 NBA player come to your party, why would you even confront him yourself, send a couple of really tall dudes to ask him to leave, (some people are just looking for trouble dumb-a$$es),

We all know you are “STARS” and you guys are loaded and get VIP treatment everywhere ya go, blah, blah, blah. You guys have to respect other people’s private parties, if they don’t want ya there that’s their loss, keep it moving. If you guys are such stars, you shouldn’t waste time arguing to get into a party, it is not that serious!

Richard Jefferson parties

Also, if a drunk person comes up to you why not just walk away, especially if you an athlete, you know damn well people are watching, and unless you are doing this for some publicity, why even bother choking a person, again, it is NOT that serious!

2 thoughts on “NBA Richard Jefferson’s Drama – KMP’s POV

  1. Roger

    Who cares who he fucks? He's an NBA athlete, not a sex therapist. But considering the national avg of gay men, there are more than 2 gays/bis, practicing, playing in the NBA.

  2. Anonymous

    i don't know anything about this choking fiasco, but i do know that richard is one of the only practicing homosexuals in the nba (antonio daniels is another) – my cousin had sex with him

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