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I hope we all had a fantastic holiday weekend, I know I did. From Barbecues to beach and amusement parks, my weekend was stupendous! Now that the summer is creeping in slowly, maybe it’s time that we pay more attention to our skin and take better care of it. Below are some tips to keep you looking fabulous not just this summer but each and every day.

Scotch Tape
The Tape Test
Check the effectiveness of your moisturizer with a scotch tape test. Two hours after you apply moisturizer, put a piece of tape on your lower cheek, near the jawbone, and lift it off. If the tape is coated with scaly shards of skin, it’s time to find a new product.

For puffyness around the eyes
keep an eye gel in the fridge, and apply it morning and night.

Collyre Bleu
For red eyes
Visine works, but nothing gets that redness out as well as a French product called Collyre Blue: makes blue eyes seem bluer, and whites of the eyes whiter.

Extra Tip 1
Always apply a coat of moisturizer before entering a sauna. It helps prevents broken capillaries.

Extra Tip 2
In warm weather, stash your gel, lotion or cream in the fridge. The chill feels good on the skin and helps it look firmer.

In cool weather, warm your moisturizer between your hands for a few seconds before you apply it to your face; it will absorb better.

*This information was taken from Rona Berg’s Beauty

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