20 Minutes to a Great Bod

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So I’m starting to realize that in order to maintain a great body, you have to workout, there’s no question about it.

Here are some great workouts that has helped me stay in shape and might work for you as well. Please keep in mind that if you haven’t exercised in a while the workout might seem a little challenging at first, so make sure to go at your own pace, that is VERY important, also don’t quit, the more you do it the easier it gets.

On the Treadmill – The 20 Minute Run/Walk

Great treadmill workout for beginners, it gets you going. I personally hate the treadmill and after 10 minutes I’m always ready to get off, but with this workout I find it interesting because of the different speeds and elevations, makes the time go faster, and you feel great when you reach the cool down.


Fitness Class – Urban Rebounding


If you are looking for a fitness class that will help you burn more calories, tone and tighten your body quicker and FUN to do, then this is the class for you!


This class will have you sweating like a pig (I know it doesn’t sound sexy), but you will feel great and your body will look amazing in just a few short weeks.
This class was being offered at a couple of gyms, but after doing some research, I’ve only seen it at NYHRC and Crunch.

You can also buy urban rebounding and do it at home, I don’t think it’ll be as much fun as in the gym with the music and the mirrors, etc… If you are thinking about taking the class without signing up for a membership you can:

NYHRC charges $50 per class/per session
Crunch charges $25 per class/per session

*Oh did I mention, the class is jumping on mini trampolines?! Oh yea, IT’S FUN!

At Home – Winsor Pilates

This is great for toning, if you don’t need to lose pounds but need to tighten those sexy legs, buns, and abs, then Winsor Pilates is the workout you need. Pilates is my secret weapon when I need a quick tone. After doing the 20 minute workout you’ll start to see and feel like your body is tighter, no lie! If you do it 3 times a day, you’ll be beach ready in a month or less. So get the Pilates dvds, definitively worth it!

*For more information visit: Fitness Magazine, Urban Rebounding, Winsor Pilates

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