Keep Cool!

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Yet another scorching hot Spring day, with temperatures reaching 100+ and feeling like 108 degrees. This blog right here is about keeping cool and keeping your coolness, because with temperatures being so hot, people tend to lose their cool.
Keeping Cool

Keep electric lights off or turned down.
Keep the drapes and blinds closed during the day, open the drapes when the sun is setting.
Take cool baths or showers.
Stay in air conditioning at home (if you have AC at home)
Wear loose fitting, light cotton clothing. Put the heavier clothes away, this includes denim.
Sit with feet in cool water.
Keep towels in coolers filled with ice to use, if needed, on body parts.
For sleeping, you might try applying a cold pack to neck/chest. Cover cold pack with a sock to protect skin.
Do not eat heavy meals; avoid baking in ovens.
Avoid or minimize physical exertion.
Do not let anyone sit in a hot car, even for a few minutes.
In the 24 hours before vigorous outside activity in extreme heat, you should drink 48 ounces of water IN ADDITION TO WHAT YOU WOULD NORMALLY DRINK.
One hour before and during outside activity (before heavy perspiration starts), drink 15-20 oz. water, PowerAde, Gatorade, All Sport or a similar electrolyte solution.
Make your own fan and fan yourself.
Slow down and take your time. Exert little energy during the hottest times of the day. 


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