More Ways to Save Money

piggie bank
Buy a turkey and put it on ice
Turkeys sold in the summertime are usually cheaper than the ones sold in November. You can freeze a turkey forever and it’ll still taste the same. So start freezing your Thanksgiving turkey.
Plan next year’s Summer vacation
Plan early and save money.
You might have some missing money
The NAUPA (National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators) is a website where you can search and find out if any unclaimed property belongs to you. Visit:
Get your produce at the grocery stores
Look for vegetables that are in season, these will be pretty inexpensive on store shelves. Take a look at this list of cheapest fruits and vegetables month by month
Grocery shopping at midnight
If you go around midnight you’ll often find baked goods and fresh meats with enormous discounts.

*For more information and more tips for ways to save visit: The Simple Dollar

*Money Mondays*

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