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“Money often costs too much”and so does movie tickets.Popcorn
This weekend I checked out The Incredible Hulk, but this blog is not going to be about my Incredible Hulk experience, but about my movie theater experience.
So besides the fact that the theater was packed, and the line was longer than a club line, and I’m getting too old to be waiting on line, I found that movie tickets were more expensive in the city than in Brooklyn.

Movie tickets in Brooklyn – $11.00

Movie tickets in Manhattan – $12.00

According to the
NY Daily News, movie ticket prices will go up to $15. Hopefully not this year. Imagine paying $15 bucks for a movie. Geesh! Anyways, here are some ways you can save on movie tickets:

Check out the free screenings
Websites like
The Cinema Source or NYC Movie Screenings offer free screenings to popular movies before opening night.

Clip Coupons
Your local
Entertainment book is filled with coupons, including movie coupons. Click here to order a free copy.

Avoid online ticketing
Go online and you’ll end up paying more. charges $1.00, charges $.75 to $1.50 depending on geographic area.

I personally would suggest that if you drink water, buy a bottle of water outside the theater and put it in your bag. Most theaters do not check bags. A $1 dollar water outside will cost you $3.75 at a movie theater.
If buying a soda, ask if they offer free refills if they do, buy the small soda.

Catch a matinée
On weekends wake up early and catch the first show, movie tickets are usually half price.

Join the rewards club
AMC offers
AMC Stubs which offers coupons for free popcorn, soda, even movie tickets (after you earn 30 points). The Regal Crown Club offers free movie tickets as well, (after you earn 120 points).

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