The A-Team

Mr. T, A-TeamTyrese

According to, The A-Team remake is in the works and Tyrese Gibson, is in talks to play Mr. T. He’s also trying to figure out how he’ll be able to fit The A-Team into his schedule while he’s busy with Transformers 2.

*For more information visit: Mr. T (Tyrese)
*This information was taken from: Metro

4 thoughts on “The A-Team

  1. donte

    I'd have to disagree even though he looks nothing like MR.T and he's an R&B dude…he played a good tough in Too Fast Too Furious, The Brothers and BAby Boy was cool too…its better than having Forest Whitaker and Lawrence Fishburne doin it…and Will Smith gets all the parts…I dont know how good the movie will be, but i think he will do fine as long as he don't try and talk like him.

  2. S A V V Y Fatty!...u

    Tyrese as Mr. T?!?!?!Naw. Like Stevie Wonder in the dark: I don't see it.If he'd stop whoopin' ass and lookin' late-night-alley-rape'ish long enough, maybe they should look at Kimbo Slice.

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