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If you use Google to search for answers then you might know how ChaCha works. Send any question via text message to CHACHA (242242), and a human (ChaCha guide) will search the Internet for the answer.
Within a minute or two, you’ll receive an answer and a link to its source.

Want to become a ChaCha guide?!

Becoming a ChaCha guide is not as easy as completing a simple “Register Now” form online. You have to take a few online tests, answer some questions, do some live searching, read a couple of informational ebooklets they provide you with and then you become a ChaCha Guide.

What is a ChaCha Guide?

ChaCha guides are the people that respond to those people that are texting questions. As a guide you will sign onto your account online, receive a pop up notification every time a text message is received and once you accept the question you can begin to search for the answer.

How are ChaCha Guides paid?
How much are they paid?

ChaCha guides are paid monthly. You have options whether to get paid NOW, where they’ll send you a debit card with the amount of money you have made so far, or pay monthly, where the money is deposited to your bank account after you make $100 in the month.

ChaCha guides make $0.15 – $0.20 cents per answer. Sometimes you might make more, if you answer a certain amount of text messages, you might get a little bonus.

Types of questions you might receive

How many gold medals has Michael Phelps won so far?
How do I get to (an address) from (an address)?
What is the phone number to (a place)?

or weird questions like

How do you know when a woman is having an orgasm?
What is a bong?
What drugs are referred to as “rolls”?

Is it worth it?

If you are constantly online and you have great internet connection, and you are also a fast searcher, and know where to find stuff quickly, then why not do it.
The job is flexible, you work your own times, days, whatever.

If anyone is interested in becoming a ChaCha guide please visit: ChaCha Guide
and click become a guide on the bottom of your screen.
(when asked for referred source please put my email:

If you need help with the questions asked during the test, please comment or email me on the side and I will email those to you.

*For more information visit: ChaCha

*Whatever Wednesdays*

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