Dark Knight’s Insane Records

Joker, Dark Knight Joker

So it has been 19 days since the Dark Knight debuted and it has been killing, murdering, slashing through those records. Let’s see:

Opening weekend sales
Approximately $155 Million beating Spiderman 2’s record

After 10+ days
Approximately $300 million beating Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End

After 18+ days
it reaches it’s $400 million mark, beating Shrek 2, which reached $400 million in 43 days.

It is said that it will make another $100 million beating some more records:

While “Dark Knight” appears destined to become only the second movie to gross $500 million domestically, the $601 million record held by 1997’s “Titanic” seems unlikely to sink, said Media By Numbers president Paul Dergarabedian.
“That $600 million is kind of one for the ages. It’s held for 10 years,” Dergarabedian told Reuters. “It’s very, very difficult to get from $500 million to $600 million. But the fact we’re even talking about it tells you something about the strength of ‘The Dark Knight’ and what a phenomenon it is.” (Reuters)
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