Is Bernie Mac Really Dead?!

Bernie Mac

So early this beautiful Saturday morning I get a text from someone stating “Bernie Mac Died at 50 :(“

So I’m shocked because I know some time last week he was in the hospitals with pneumonia.

So as a blogger the first thing I did was do my own research, I can’t blog without sources. So I texted a few people, and searched the internet.

Hmm, if Bernie Mac was really dead, I’m guessing would have it on their main page, nothing there. Ok, no biggie I say, maybe they too busy covering the 2008 Olympics.

So I did a google search and found two other links but their articles were removed, his death wasn’t supposed to be released yet. So I keep on keeping on my search, I found this one article that everyone seems to be using, Chicago Sun Times, so I read it. I’m wondering is this true?!
Anyways, so I’m blogging right now, I check again, because I’m sure they would’ve posted something about it and what do I see now a Breaking News Headline:

Bernie Mac, CNN Breaking News

Actor and comedian Bernie Mac dies at age 50
He died of complications due to pneumonia, publicist says (MSNBC)

Comedian Bernie Mac Is Dead (NY TIMES)

It’s crazy how just at 8am there were no reports on his death now all of a sudden it’s all over the internet. Hmm, I guess everyone was doing their research as well.

So now I believe it and I’m sad. I’m sorry for his death.

RIP Bernie Mac!


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