Apple Has Done It Again!!!

Just today I was looking at my old iPod Nano thinking, “DAMN, I need a new iPod” and what do you know, I get informed that Apple, Mr. Steve Job, and his cool fabulous gadgets has somehow done it again, and has unveiled a whole new collection of iPod Nano(s)
(not like the last iPod Nano didn’t just come out a year or ago)

Well whatever, I love the new Nano, especially the Yellow one
(now if they only made a yellow iPhone, hmmm…)

iPod Nano

So what’s “new and special” about this version of Nano(s):

You can rotate to flip through album art with Cover Flow.
Watch movies and TV shows in Widescreen.
And view photos in either portrait or landscape.
Shake to Shuffle (yup that’s freaking cool!)
and many more…

iPod Nano are still pretty affordable
8GB – $149
16GB – $199
Other Apple products
that got an UPGRADE:

iPod Shuffle (click here)
four new colors, laser engraving (price still the same)

iPod Classic (click here)
New Black color, more memory 120GB for the same price as the previous 80GB ($249) (sucks, don’t you wish you had waited just a little longer)

New design, more apps and games, built-in speaker, volume controls (on the side), and of course longer battery life.

*For more information visit: Apple iPod

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