Back to School with a Vengeance

Back To School
So Summer is pretty much done, Labor Day weekend has passed and kids are making their way back to school.
1st week of school!!!
Yay for some Nay for others!

For the parents that are excited to not have their child chilling around the house doing absolutely nothing.
For the kids who miss chilling with their school friends without parental supervision.

For the commuters (people like me), who no matter how early get out the house to avoid the school kids, we somehow cannot avoid them.

For the parents trying to get to work and taking their children to school, and having to deal with pissy commuters who hate school kids on the bus and trains because they take up a lot of space.*

For the bus drivers/train conductors that have to deal with overly crowded buses and trains, people holding the doors and fights and rowdiness on a daily basis.

For the commuters again (like me) that have to be around these other pissy commuters, these tight A$$ buses and trains, these rowdy bunches of nonsense when I’m just trying to take a peaceful nap on my way home from work, etc…

I personally am not excited about back to school, especially in a city so overly populated like NYC.

*This morning alone, two grown women wanted to start fighting in a tight @ss bus, full of kids young and old, because they both wanted to exit at the same time, supposedly someone pushed someone.

Not only that but one of them was with two little kids! How are you fighting in front of your kids?! Is what I said and that seemed to catch their attention for a minute until one of them made it outside and was calling out the other saying, come out here so I can beat your ass! And then that’s when I decided that it was my time to leave, as a small crowd of NY’ers stood around in a circle waiting for a show.

Smh, sooo freaking sad all because everyone wants to exit at the same time?!
Whatever happened to common courtesy?!
Ladylike behavior?!
What in the world are we teaching our kids?
“The way to solve any problems is to push, shove, curse out, create a scene and then fight.”
I’m pretty sure that’s the message these kids got after experiencing that this morning.

Will nonsense violence ever end?!
Eh, who knows?! But it takes two people to fight, so why not be the stronger person and walk away.

If you have any back to school stories to
share feel free to post them in the comments section.

*Whatever Wednesdays*

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