Give Back and Pay it Forward

I know we are all busy with work, life and feel like we do not have time to do anything else, you barely have time to hang out with your family and friends. However, you do have more time than you think, and it is usually that time when you are at home watching the new season of your favorite show or when you spend 3-4 hours Twittering, MySpacing or Facebooking.
How about you donate some of that time to people that need it most?! Take some time to volunteer or be a mentor. Sometimes all you need to give is 2 hours of your time one day a week. I’m pretty sure that’s not that hard to do.

Give back, and pay it forward.

which finds places and events that match your location and interests. You can also volunteer your time as an online mentor through sites like
which links you with teens in foster care to help them develop relationships with caring adults,
a mentoring program to help at-risk teens make good career choices and
which connects you with young college students interested in math, science, technology and engineering, from groups typically underrepresented in those fields.
Pay It Forward
*Information obtained from: First 30 Days
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