Top 10 Reasons Why You Not Losing Weight


1. Seeds and Nuts.

It is healthy, except when you eat a bucket of cashews before lunch. Nuts are a quality natural food, but they are also very high in fat (good fat) and calories. When it comes to eating nutsweigh or count what you’re putting in your mouth. Most nuts are more than fifty percent fat.

2. Fruit Juice.

Not all juice is juice. Some fruit juices are in fact fruit ‘drinks’ with as little as five percent fruit juice in them. Read those labels carefully. Drink water, it is a whole lot better.

3. Fruit Smoothies.

The term ‘healthy smoothie’ can be an oxymoron with some smoothies. Wanna gain a few pounds? Drink smoothies every day.


4. Dried fruit.

We take out the water, we leave the sugar and the calories and we’re left with dried fruit. A very energy-dense food. Fresh fruit is a much (much, much) better option. If you’re going to eat dried fruit, do it sparingly.

5. Muffins.

A muffin is not a healthy snack. It’s cake. It’s (typically) white flour, sugar, egg and some form of fat.

6. Salads.

Just the word ’salad’ wreaks of health, vitality and goodness, doesn’t it? If only it were true. As a rule, the only salad you wanna eat is the one you make yourself with fresh ingredients and little or no dressing.

7. Sports drinks.

Flavored water with sugar. Unless you’re an athlete who needs to replenish your depleted glycogen stores because you’ve just completed a massive training session, drink some water instead.

8. Cereal.

In Australia, the vast majority of supermarket cereals are high-sugar, processed crap. Most of the popular cereals (in terms of sales) live somewhere in the twenty to thirty five percent sugar range. Better cereals? Oats, unprocessed bran. The more natural and unprocessed, the better.

9. Low-fat frozen dinners.

Apart from the fact that they’re tiny, expensive and don’t taste that great, they’re also jammed with preservatives and sodium.

10. Vegetarian meals.

Some vegetarian meals are fantastic. Some are high in fat. Some are healthy. Some are not. Some vegetarian meals contain plenty of oil and other high fat ingredients like coconut milk. Don’t avoid vegetarian food but know what you’re putting in your mouth.

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2 thoughts on “Top 10 Reasons Why You Not Losing Weight

  1. Raeven Western

    You had me with everything but the nuts! Great read, just keep in mind, we consume fat everyday, sugar, carbs, fast food, etc. I'll take a bag of nuts before an order of fries. Choose your fat wisely :)

    1. KMP Post author

      LOL, I know right. I love Cashews and almonds. I guess in moderation they are really good for you.