Zeitgeist: Addendum


Earlier this year a movie was released that made us all, (those who saw it), open our eyes. This movie was Zeitgeist. I have seen Zeitgeist (part 1) about 3 times, and I highly recommend others to watch it.

Earlier this month, Zeitgeist: Addendum was released, it is not playing on the big screen, but you can watch it online, download it to your PSP or iPod, or you can buy a copy of the DVD for $5.
I watched Zeitgeist: Addendum this weekend, and again, I highly recommend that others watch it and share it with others to watch.
Some of the stuff on the movie might seem a little “above and beyond” and somewhat unrealistic, but it makes sense.
If they just told me their plans with no back up facts then I would be skeptical as well.

Anyways, be the judge for yourself!

Take 2 hours of your time to watch Zeitgeist: Addendum and feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section.

Zeitgeist: Addendum

Zeitgeist (part 1)

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