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Do Nothing, Buy Nothing – Each year on the day after Thanksgiving, the funny and incisive Adbusters Magazine sponsors “Buy Nothing Day” in countries all over the globe. The 24-hour event is billed as a “festival of restraint.” I actually enjoyed this site, save your pennies people, buy nothing. We are in a recession.
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But if you feel the NEED to shop you can choose to do the following:

a) Shop on the Internet. The benefits are: no crowds, no lines, no need to change out of your pajamas. What’s more, many online retailers offer sales and special discounts on the Friday after Thanksgiving — and sometimes those sales kick in at midnight on the night before Black Friday.

b) Get Out There Early – Remember to dress comfortably — warmly enough for the time you’ll spend outside, but with layers so you won’t collapse from heat stroke inside stuffy, crowded stores. Comfortable shoes are a must, and so are portable snacks and drinks. If you must brave the crowds, be prepared. Get the Thanksgiving Day newspaper in your area and flip through all of those ads.

c) Shop with a list – You’ll feel more in control and focused if you head out with a list of the people you’re shopping for, the gift ideas you have in mind for them and the target price range for each item.

d) Check out the deals beforehand – Browse through,, or to check out Black Friday deals this year.

*For more tips visit: MSNBC or Metro NY (11/24/08)

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