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Blackberry Messenger Q&A

How can I get my PIN# without looking it up?

To get your PIN number without having to look for it, type:
Mypin (then click space and then the words, mypin will change to pin: 123456)

Should you add a person if you got the pin number from someone else?

This is really up to the person. If you know the person well and you know they won’t mind, then go ahead. It’s not like your request will be automatically accepted, they’ll still have to accept or reject you. You can also try putting a message on the message box before sending your request. (This is the box that says “(user) would like to add you to his or her Blackberry Messenger contact list”)
Some people are a little more sensitive about people giving out their contact info, including PIN numbers.

How do people get those cool icons on BBM?

To add cool icons such as ☀ follow these steps:

1) Highlight the icon by pressing the menu button and click select, after icon is highlighted, click copy.
2) Now you have the icon on your clipboard ready to paste.
3) Open a BBM buddy convo, click the menu button again and select Edit Autotext.
4) On the AutoText screen, you’ll click the menu button again and select New.
5) On the New screen, you’ll paste the icon. Paste the icon on With.
6) On the same screen type something in the Replace. (This could be a letter or word)
7) Click the trackball, and then click save.

Below are some icons you can save, just copy and email them to yourself and take it from there:

 ☂ ☃ ☁ ♡ ☇ ⌣ © ® ¶ ¿ § ø œ Œ Þ ™ ♥ ♣ ♠ ♦
☎ ♍ ♑ ♉ ♐ ♈ ♒ ♋ ♌ ♎ Σ Λ Γ ☑
☀ Æ ⇆ ☎ ✆ ✉ ♊ ♏ ♓  Δ Ψ Φ Θ Ξ Ω
♢ ♤ ♧ ♡ Π​ Σ † τ λ ※ ▲ △ ▼ ▽ № •

Availability Settings

In order to receive notification of instant messages you will need to set your availability status to Available. If you set your availability status to Unavailable you prevent the receipt of instant messages.

The Busy icon (this is the icon with the clock next to the smiley face) – automatically displays when the contact is engaged in another activity. A busy icon displays when there is recent key or Track Wheel activity, the contact has received a BlackBerry Messenger notification in the last two minutes, or the contact has not read or responded to BlackBerry.

The Unreachable icon (this is the icon with the airwaves) – automatically displays when a contact is out of a sufficient wireless coverage area or when the contact is using the phone.

If you set your status to Unavailable, you will still receive instant messages but you do not receive the notification. When you turn on messenger you will be able to see your missed messages.

To receive notification when a contact becomes available, click an unavailable contact on the Contact List screen. Click ‘Set Alert’ to turn on availability alert. To turn off the alert Click ‘Clear Alert.’

Blackberry All-in-One for Dummies

Want to give each of your BB messenger buddies a unique notification tone?!

You can set notification options such as Vibrate or Tone in the Profiles menu. To create a notification profile, go to in the profiles menu, click a profile. Click ‘Edit.’ Click on a notification option. Click ‘Edit. ‘Set the desired options and click the Track Wheel. Click Save.

What are the rules about unavailable? If a person is “unavailable” is it OK to IM?

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find anything on this question, but my answer to this would be the following:
If a contact on your BBM list is unavailable and they put a status message that says “Do Not Disturb, Away, BRB, Can’t chat now, Working, Busy” then I personally wouldn’t IM them, if it’s something important but not that important, but it cannot wait til they become available, I would send them an email.
If a contact on your BBM is unavailable and they DO NOT put a status message that says any of the above mentioned, or along those lines, then I think that they do not mind being bothered, or else they would’ve specified.
I personally would set myself Unavailable when I do not want to hear my phone vibrate or ring every time someone Messages me. So instead of turning the ringer off my phone, I make BBM unavailable so all I see is the light blinking.

What do those BBM letters and check marks mean after I send a message?

A check mark appears as the message is sent. When it is delivered to the recipient’s BlackBerry, a D is added above the check mark. When the recipient reads the message an A or an R replaces the D above the check mark.
D = Delivered
R = Received
A = Answered
(check mark) = message sent

Below are some FAQs when people visit this site, I hope this answers some of your questions:

What happens when you delete someone from BBM?

You disappear from their buddy list, so they will know you are gone.

What happens when you are busy on BBM?

I’m not sure I understand this question. Busy like on the phone or just with a “busy” status. I think either way whoever is trying to reach you will just get a check mark.

Is there any way to read my BBM Messages?

You can read your BBM messages by opening the received message from your BBM screen. Or you can have your BBMs sent directly to your Blackberry Message (same box where your emails go to) and you can read your BBMs from there without having to open them from your BBM screen.

How can I tell if I’ve been deleted on BBM?

If you’ve been deleted off someone else’s BBM you’ll know because you won’t see that buddy on your BBM buddy list.

How do I know if someone deleted me from BBM?

See answer above.

Cannot see word I’m typing on BBM?

Lately with the new BBM 5.0 a lot of us have been having the same problem where we can’t see what we type. I believe RIM is trying to work on that issue. Until then, I suggest ending the convo and reopening a new one. That fixes the problem temporarily.

If someone’s Blackberry is turned off will pins deliver?

Pin will deliver; they’ll just receive it when they turn their phone back on.

If you delete someone from BBM will the person find out?

Yes. If you delete someone from your BBM list, the person whom you deleted will lose a contact (in this case yours) from their list.

Any way to read BBM without sending read receipt?

You can read a BBM without sending read receipt by 1) reading the BBM without opening the message from the BBM screen or 2) having your BBMs sent to your Message inbox (where your emails go to) and reading it from there.

If you remove a contact will they see your status messages?

No. Once you remove a contact, your name will be removed from their buddy list and they will not be able to see your status messages.

BBM – Do I have to give out my cell phone number?

When adding a BBM contact via PIN or Email your contact won’t need your cell phone number. Pin Numbers are separate from your cell phone.

Can you be available for just one contact?

Unfortunately No.

Can someone tell I’ve read their messages?

Yes, if you opened the message, the contact will get a check mark with an R on it, which means read.

What about when someone is not responding right away?

You can “ping” someone who isn’t responding by making their BlackBerry vibrate when you send a message. Just click the track wheel in BlackBerry Messenger, and click “Ping Contact.”

If you want to turn off the ping function on your own device, go to the Contact List screen, click “Options” and click on the box before “Vibrate When Receiving a Ping” and select No.

Want to save a convo?

Try “Copy History” to save a copy of your conversation. Once you hit “End Conversation,” your chance to save the conversation is gone.

Want AIM, Google Talk, MSN Messenger or Yahoo Messenger?

These sites can help you with that. Some are free some are not.

  1. JiveTalk isn’t free, but it provides connections to AIM, Yahoo, MSN, Google Talk, ICQ, Jabber and MySpace IM. A non-transferable license for one BlackBerry device costs $19.95 and includes free software upgrades. But switch to a new BlackBerry, and you’ll need to get another license. A $29.95 user license can be transferred to a new device.

  2. EQO offers free IMing with connections to MSN, AIM, Yahoo!, Google Talk, QQ, ICQ and Jabber. The company also offers — and charges for — text messaging and VoIP calling.

  3. WebMessenger is a hosted service that can be used to access AOL, MSN, Yahoo, Google Talk, ICQ and Jabber networks from a BlackBerry or other mobile device. While the company offers a monthly or yearly subscription service, WebMessenger Business-Class Service is free.


The layout is the same but graphics for online, away, and unavailable have changed. You can set an alert so you are notified when a buddy comes back online, and you can broadcast a message to everyone you have an open conversation with.
You can also enable an option to change your status when you are on the phone, and even change your status automatically to reflect whatever MP3 you are playing on the device.

*For more information visit: Crackberry, Howstuffworks, The Boy Genius Report

83 thoughts on “BlackBerry Messenger Tips

  1. Ash

    What does Ye red x mean wen sending a message… Av deleted them an tried to re add but showing pending..?

  2. Junaid

    I was having a conversation with someone who said they wanted to show me a trick, and from their phone, they cleared the conversation we were having without deleting me as a contact, all from their phone but refuse to tell me how. Anyone know anything on how to do this?

  3. Anonymous

    I was just wondering if, when you send a BBM message to one of your contacts and it doesnt show the D, R or A letters above the checkmark, it just shows a checkmark what does that mean? Does it mean the person has seen it or did they delete it without replying?

  4. BahamaMama

    My screen has gotten messed up, how can i read the bbms and texts that keep coming through that I cant see because my screen is now white? Is there anything i can press on my phone that can blindly help me?

  5. dessy

    Can I put "busy" to just one person on my bb messenger list and the rest of my list see that I am available?

  6. mishqah

    once you have deleted a there any way someone would be able to trace this since I am on contract and not prepaid

    1. kmp22 Post author

      I don\’t think so. Unless your BBM conversations are emailed to you as well. If you have that email option turned off, you should be fine.

  7. anon

    What does the arrow in the right hand corner mean? does that appear everytime you recieve a message?

  8. Ammal

    what if u delete someone by mistake and u want to add them again…can u do that??? if yes then HOW~???

  9. mikey

    If someone copies your chat history is it possible for your “status” to be in the dialogue as well because someone is spreading rumors about me?

  10. mikey

    If someone copies your chat history is it possible for your pin to be in the dialogue as well because someone is spreading rumors about me…

  11. kemi

    I am using Blackberry 9650 now and I am having problem with Blackberry Messenger. When I try to send message to a friend on the contact list, all the messages i sent get checked off, but the letter “D” appeared only in some lines. And when I ask my friend if they have received my message, they only got the message that has “D” letter. This happens not only to one certain contact, but there are several people in my contact list that I cannot really contact them because of this situation. Please give me an advice on how I can fix this and I will be extremely appreciated