Gmail Chat with Voice and Video?!

YES!! Finally!
As of Tuesday, November 11, 2008 Gmail Chat will now have Video and Voice capabilities. It’s bad enough that I’m always on GChat, but now I don’t have to type as much, I can just talk to my buddies, without using my daytime minutes of course.
Gmail Video and Voice will be made
available to all Gmail users starting Tuesday at noon PST. Global rollout should
be complete by the end of the day. To see if you have it, open a chat with
someone (you don’t actually have to message them). If your account is
video-enabled, at the lower left of the chat window, there will be an interface
element labeled “Video & more.” When you click on that it will walk you
through installing the plug-in. If you want to make a video call to someone who
hasn’t yet installed the plug-in, you’ll be able to invite them to do so. (In my
early test of the service, this feature wasn’t yet enabled).

*For more information visit: CNET or Gmail (Video Chat)
*Whatever Wednesdays*

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