There’s a Storm Coming…November 21

So there’s a lot of hype about the Blackberry Storm, and people wanting to buyout their contracts with other wireless providers to make that switch to Verizon and get the Storm. (I am guilty of thinking this way)
But as fancy, intriguing and inviting the Blackberry Storm is, I don’t know if I’ll be making that switch anytime soon. As a Blackberry user myself, I am excited about the Storm, but I’m not all that excited about the Verizon plans. So I did a little comparison between AT&T Blackberry and iPhone plans and Verizon Blackberry Plans**
iPhone or Blackberry Plan

$199 (8GB Black),
$299 (16GB Black or White)


$39.99 for 450 minutes
$30.00 for Data Plan UNLIMITED Data (Email and Web Browsing), Visual Voicemail
$15.00 for 1500 texts or $5 for 200 texts
$4.99 for insurance

Total bill:
about $89.98 per month not including taxes. But most likely less than $100 bucks per month.
You have to deal with the drop calls, but at least you have rollover minutes in case you don’t use them all. Also, 1,500 texts is plenty text, you don’t really need unlimited texting.

Verizon’s Blackberry Plan

Blackberry Storm
(in stores November 21, 2008)

$199.99 ($249.99 2 yr contract, after $50.00 mail in rebate)


$99.99 for 450 minutes
Wireless data usage for quick and easy remote access to email and attachments. Plus enjoy unlimited Text, Picture, Video and Instant Messaging with anyone on any network in the U.S.
$5.99 for insurance
Total bill:
about $105.98 per month not including taxes and surcharges, but definitively over $100 bucks and Up/Downside:
Less to No drop calls, clearer calls. God Forbid you go over your minutes, you don’t have rollover minutes like AT&T. (Something else to think about)

*For more information on the iPhone visit: AT&T Wireless or iPhone 3G
*For more information on the Blackberry Storm visit: Verizon Wireless
**Please note, the Verizon plan listed here is the one for Blackberry plans of right now, I am not 100% sure if the Blackberry Storm will be using the same plan as the other Verizon Blackberry plans, but I’m only using this to give you an idea of what to expect.

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