New Yorkers Lash Out about Plaxico


How are NYers Feeling about this Plaxico’s incident?
1) Who brings cash to a nightclub anymore, it’s all about plastic.
2) Who brings a weapon to Latin Quarters, it ain’t that serious in there.

3) If you have a gun, shouldn’t you learn how to a) use it and b) learn to put the safety on.
4) He should be convicted, no special preference should be given.

5) “He’s an a–. An illegal gun in NY gets you a year. He had one and shot {someone} so he should get more. His lawyer will ask for probation saying he shot himself. Shyne fired a gun in a club with Puffy and got 9 years. I would say Plaxico should get at least 2.”

6) Man on elevator: KMP asked: How do you feel about this Plaxico dude, do you think he should go to Jail?
(with a strong headnod in disappointment, tsk, tsk).
He sounded down, I felt down after I asked him that.

7) He should be out for the rest of this season and all of next.

8) He’s an idiot a–.

9) His celebrity status shouldn’t save him. The man fired a unlicensed gun in public. If he doesn’t go to jail, I have a couple of friends I want freed now!!! With that said, he isn’t going to jail.

10) I don’t know about jail, but maybe some kind of School for Idiots. Oh and Antonio Pierce is probably going to be on probation for his role in “hiding the weapon”. Plaxico will probably do like a month in jail.

Anyways, how do you feel about all this?! Share those thoughts in the comment section.

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