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So this past Holiday weekend, I was on search for a great new look, and a new haircut. I am very picky with my hair and lately I have been disappointed with my current stylist because she didn’t quite wanted to cut my hair every time I went over. So I decided to find me a new stylist and with the help of a few internet sources, magazine articles and guts, I took the train to Elia Salon (located on Amsterdam and 102nd Street).

After reading a fabulous review on Beauty Logic and hearing about it on a 2006 issue of Latina Magazine, I gave Elia Salon a chance to give me what I wanted.


First of all the place is really nice, from the decor to the service I was very impressed. The staff was very knowledgeable, attentive, I felt like they knew what they were doing and I felt completely comfortable putting my hair in their hands, which I did.

Here are a few Pros and Cons:


Great service (if it’s your first time they make you complete a questionnaire just to get a little background on your hair, and if you are allergic to any products, etc…) They also make you fill out a check in form, as to what service you will be receiving that day.

They offer you bottle water, tea or coffee (free of charge) MAJOR PLUS!!!! Especially when you are under the dryer and you are melting.


The owner (Josephine), comes over and talk to you to find out more about what you’ll be getting done today, she also chooses the products that should be used on your hair. She made me feel at ease and very comfortable.

The decor is really nice, from the Chandeliers to the Giant clock, I felt like it wasn’t just a Hair Salon, it was a Hair Spa.

They use fabulous hair products, not some cheap stuff like some hair salons do. They had products like Frederick Fekkai, Phyto, Chi, Ojun, Biolage Luna, and they also offer Dominican products.

Definitively the price, their wash and set is not your typical $20-$25. Their wash and set start at $45, and their blow dry is $15, their deep conditioner is also $15. So be prepared to splurge a little.

I didn’t really like the location.

Bonus: If you go to BeautyLogic and read their review on Elia Salon, you’ll be able to receive a Complimentary Hair Mask (value $15). Definitively worth it!

*For more information on Elia Salon visit: Elia Salon

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