Rihanna’s Shocking Pics

At first I thought how horrible of Chris Brown to do this, then I thought maybe he didn’t do it, the media usually blows things out of proportion, so I was like I’ll wait til I see something or Rihanna speaks to the public.

Last night around 9-10pm I received an IM stating to go to TMZ.com, and there it was:


After looking at it I was in shock, and skeptical, I was like there’s no way in hell this is Rihanna, so I started doing minor research like the Tattoo on her left shoulder and her facial features, like forehead, nose, lips.


Then I realized the abuse pic wasn’t a fake. It is Rihanna, and Chris Brown is MONSTER!! There’s absolutely no excuse!! No excuse. If I were Rihanna I would wait til I get better, meet with Chris with a couple of big dudes and have them hold him down while I kick and punch Chris a few times, so he can see how it feels!!

Chris Breezy you are OFF my iPod! and everyone else should Boycott Chris Brown. Send that Women Beater to freaking Jail!!

Sources: TMZ.com Mediatakeout.com

One thought on “Rihanna’s Shocking Pics

  1. Hammy

    It's frustrating enough that such atrocities happen. But somehow, we tend to push these acts as perpetrated by the lesser man… possibly the uneducated, underprivileged loser who may never have had proper guidance in life… abusing wives who don't have the will to fight for themselves… or lack friends and family who'd step in and fight for her…It doesn't make it right, but it did dissociate some of the stench from our close ones.However, it's not the case. Rihanna wasn't someone who didn't have people to support her. Chris actually has FANS of his own. The world sucks. But it'd certainly suck a little bit less if we cleared our ipods of the ba****d

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