Raeven Western…A Dreamer, A Believer, an Achiever!!

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“I Believe In My Dreams” by Raeven Western
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Young, sophisticated, enthusiastic, always sunny, positive and enlightening, Raeven Western is definitively all that and much more. Full of positive energy Ms. Western starts her morning as bright as the sun, ready to shine and spread positivity and encouragement on all of us.

Founder of PushyDreamers.com and www.RaevenWestern.com, Ms. Western provides outstanding awareness information on several topics such as: AIDS/HIV, Domestic Violence and much more, as well as motivational quotes to get you going throughout your day. Bookmarking this site is a must do!!

KMP reached Ms. Western via Twitter (Tweet, Tweet) and asked her a couple of questions and this is what @RaevenWestern had to say:

Ms. Western you are always “Sunny and Bright” where do you get your motivation from, what keeps you going?


Please…. lol call me Raeven. Being “Sunny and Bright” or happy is something that’s just natural in me. It’s easier and makes sense to me to go through life with a better attitude. I do have my moments, as we all do, but I’ve enjoyed my moments more as well as notice things get done better when you have an positive outlook on life. Plus realizing the effect it had on people is so encouraging.

You post many motivational quotes on your Twitter (@RaevenWestern) and on your site (www.RaevenWestern.com), if you could list three (3) quotes that you live by, which ones would they be?


I love the power of quotes and affirmations! Especially if they can move me to do something, which is why I like to share them so much! I generally like to use quotes depending on how I’m feeling, which changes all the time. It works better when they are easily accessible to you, somewhere your eyes can get to fast. If I’m in need of a little strength, inspiration or motivation these usually do the trick;

If you continue to move toward what you want, the universe will respond with opportunities and possibilities…

~Raeven Western~

I am not afraid, I was born to do this.

~Joan of Arc~

The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack in will.

~Vince Lombardi~

(I had to add in this last one, it best explains my everyday attitude :o) if there’s something you want to do -you have to start training yourself to say why not to everything)

You see things and say ‘why?’ But I dream things that never were and say ‘why not.’

~George B Shaw~


I enjoy the Awareness section on your site. I feel I get a more concise, informative, research on the topics. I like this because I feel I do not have to look at a bunch of different sites to get the same info you are providing. What motivated you to start RaevenWestern.com?


Originally it was an alternative way for me to reach out to my family, friends and people I encounter to gain awareness and support for just “My Dream” alone. I assumed I’d be able to fund my dream (to build a social network built around support, encouragement and motivation) or get it started to the point where I could reach out to investors. But with the economy the way it has been and life taking me down a different road, giving up was not an option. So I created www.RaevenWestern.com to get the word out in the meantime, but this meantime is taking me much longer than I hoped for.
Being a new entrepreneur is scary, so you don’t want to lay all your ideas out there til you are closer to reaching your goals, but because my dream is so passionate to me it was hard to sit back and not give back at the same time. It all goes with trusting your dream, if you believe in it, trust and it will take you further than you imagined. It’s a lot of work, but it has become my favorite section of the site. There’s a lot that goes on in this world that we choose not to know more of, for many unacceptable reasons. It pains me that we limit ourselves, so this is my hopeful way of making it easier to learn more. The more we learn, the more options we give ourselves to make better choices.

Your “I Believe in my Dreams” bracelets, believe it or not, are very motivational and filled with hope. I wear it almost everyday and the days I do not, I carry it in my purse for a quick pick me upper to keep me moving forward. What made you come up with such an encouraging quote?


WHOO HOO! I was hoping it was going to be the same feeling for others. I love mine and I swear to you I never take it off, unless work requires me too. I know people who do things to get inspire and once it works they stop, then lose the motivation and end up starting all over again to get back to that feeling. The bracelets were a way for me to give back for donating to my dream. I wanted to give back something that would be effective and affirmations are powerful when repeated daily. I really want to redefine the way people dream, this was another way to make it easier to help people in achieving their dreams.

I remember my first morning waking up with it and feeling a little sluggish, got a glance of it, and instantly was inspired to get up. If I want my dreams to come true, I know I’m the only one who’s going to make that happen, it’s my constant reminder to get it moving!

What other plans do you have planned for
www.RaevenWestern.com, and what do you wish to accomplish?


So much, I continue to dream new ideas everyday. It help’s when others want to be involved with my dream, it makes it easier for me to do more. Hopefully I’ll be relaunching the site next month with a whole new look, very thrilled and excited about that! Web design is not my specialty but I gave it my best and thank God someone stepped in and offered to re do it. I’d like to do more blogging, video blogging as well, to make it a little more personal. Planning on giving back more with things related to every month’s awareness topic. I see why Oprah does it lol it’s contiguous (especially when it’s productive) and I’m FAR from that state, but it still feels great.
Every month I feature a non-profit or like this month two and give partial proceeds of the donations to those non profits, I’m thinking one of these months I’d like to give back to an actual dreamer. I would of never gotten to this point without the help I’ve received from so many, so if I could give back and help other dreamers reach their goals, it would be an honor and an blessing! I’m still working out the details in my head of how I’m going to go about that one, you’ll have to keep up with me on twitter for those details.
Sorry to my family and friends of mine whom I love, but that one is not for you ;o)

If you would like more information on Raeven’s Dreams and show your support for the great work she is doing, please visit her site after all: We All Have Dreams Too!


3 thoughts on “Raeven Western…A Dreamer, A Believer, an Achiever!!

  1. thirty2nds

    This interview is great. I am now following Raeven…not even sure why. Just feel like I should…and so I am. We'll see where that leads. (I guess I just like her style.)I'll be following you as well. Take care and nice work!

  2. mixedbunny

    Loved the interview! One quote that drives me is: "Surround yourself with only people who will lift you higher" Oprah WinfreySometimes it's hard to stay encouraged as you move towards your dreams. Sometimes it's a lonely road, but Raeven is focused and I admire that!Thx for featuring her on KMP!

  3. Anonymous

    Very inspiring interview. The world needs more people like Raeven, continuing to keep such a positive outlook on life and following your dreams. I love the the website and the inspiration quotes. I wish you the best. Continue to follow your dreams.

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