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Some of us might know him as Bill from Kill Bill others might remember him as the actor from the 1970s television series Kung Fu. It is sad to say that David Carradine committed suicide early yesterday (June 3, 2009) morning in his hotel room in Thailand. According to E News the 72-year-old actor was “found hung in a closet” this morning by a hotel maid, and that suicide was suspected.
Also according to The Independent “a local newspaper, The Nation, said that Carradine was half naked, and had a curtain cord wrapped around his neck and genitals.” This is very tragic.


Ironically, David Carradine had just finished working on an upcoming independent film, My Suicide. That’s pretty scary!

Here’s the trailer:

*For more information on this film visit:


3 thoughts on “Bill from Kill Bill

  1. Lisa

    No worries. I think it could be a good read. I've would love to know the real story behind Carradine's death.

  2. Lisa

    There's a new book called "David Carradine: The Eye of My Tornado" and it's about Carradine's death, and the possible causes (other than autorerotic asphyxiation).

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