Transformers 2 – Revenge of the Fallen (REVIEW)


For those that have not yet seen the movie, I’ll do my best not to spoil it for you.
For those that saw it, please share your thoughts in the comments section.

It is no surprise that the movie was sold out on the first day it came out, Wednesday. I was fortunate to have gotten my tickets a day or two in advanced.
The line to go see the movie was of course LONG, but not as long as was the line for Dark Knight or Sex and the City.

Ok let’s get straight to the movie!

Umm nothing to be impressed about, a few crappy movies coming out, of course GI Joe, but we’ve all seen that trailer before, and one “seemed-good” movie: 2012.
So if you miss the previews, don’t feel bad, you won’t much.

The beginning of the movie:
To me the intro to a movie pretty much determines how the rest of the movie will be. I don’t like weak intros, and I felt like the introduction to Transformers 2 was kinda weak. It just didn’t do it for me.

A few minutes into the movie you start to realize that this Mikaela (Megan Fox)’s character will be getting a lot of “airtime,” and she sure did. I’m still confused as to why the change of outfit at the beginning and the 5 inch heels?! I think this is the part where most of the men in the theater got super hyped about this movie.

Anyways… moving on… the fighting scenes throughout the movie were very impressive, great Decepticons, with BIG weapons, and shiny metals, HA, you’ll see what I’m talking about. It was very impressive. I really enjoyed the action part of the movie.

Towards the middle of the movie, more Megan Fox slow camera shots, sexy army dudes, oh yea and more Megan shots…

Good ending won’t leave you “hanging”
Only 2 or 3 clips right at the beginning of the credits, but don’t sit around til after the credits, there’s nothing there.

Is it a must see?! I would say YES, I actually enjoyed it more than Part 1, I guess because of the action scenes.
This part wasn’t all about BumbleBee like the first one, this one is mostly about the boy, his girl and saving the world.

Overall great movie, can’t say best movie of the year, I need to see GI Joe first and then decide.

One more thing, don’t go by what the critics say about this movie and how bad it rated, go see it and judge it for yourself.

KMP out!

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