Bloggers’ Blowout Fest in NYC


Dear Fellow Bloggers,

As we all know the death of print and the emergence of the Blogosphere has been the hippest thing since the invention of the internet. It is for that reason that as a Blogger, I was inspired to organize a “Bloggers’ Blowout Fest” in NYC. This event will give fellow Bloggers the opportunity to meet and greet their readers while marketing and publicizing their site.

While I am in the preliminary stages of planning this event I would like to know if this is something your Blog would like to participate in. Please find my contact information below. If this is something you’re interested in partaking in please forward me all of your contact information after which a follow up email will be sent.

Thank you in advance for your time and I look forward to speaking with you more in regards to this event.

Blog On,

Arie Rich


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