BOMB Scare at one of NYC’s Airport

Photobucket (images courtesy of NASA Edge)

According to the NY Daily News, LGA Airport’s central terminal was evacuated early Saturday morning (today, August 1) due to a “not so well in the head” NYer was busted with a FAKE BOMB in his bag. “The NYPD Bomb Squad investigated, and it turned out the suspect had a bunch of batteries taped together to look like dynamite with wires sticking out, sources said.” (NYDailynews)


Also according to the NY Daily News, “The scare started when the suspect was going through security screening, trying to get on United Flight 667 to Chicago with Oakland, Calif., his final destination, sources said.

A TSA employee thought he was acting strange and called over the Port Authority police. A cop spotted wires and fuse sticking out of the bag.

Cops tacked him, grabbed the bag and called NYPD bomb squad while Terminal B, Concourse C was evacuated.
The NYPD bomb squad X-rayed the bag and determined the device was a crude fake.” (NY Daily News)

The aiport has been reopened and some flights are taking off.

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