The Day “Tweets” Stood Still

Today, August 6, 2009 was the day that Tweeples/Twitterers stood still… For those of you Twitaddicts, that felt the pain, aggravation, and devastation of not being able to Tweet for almost a FULL day from your phone or half a day from your computers, I also felt that pain!
Wow! If that’s just a day without Twitter, imagine a day without cell phone service, internet/email/Google, cable (for those accustomed to it). It is rough?! Or is it?!

It is incredibly amazing how dependent we become on these things, just before Twitter, we were hooked on FB, and before FB it was all about Myspace, and before Myspace it probably was Blackplanet/MiGente, and so on… Same thing with cell phones, just before cell phones we used house phone/land lines or pay phones if we were outside the house. Before Blackberries/Sidekicks/Palm Pre’s for internet usage and AIMing/Texting we had to depend on Desktop computers and calling people over the phone instead of texting, or meeting people in person.

I am, and I admit, GUILTY for all of the above!! I have become highly addicted to technology that it is not even funny. I am not alone! As those of you reading this post are most likely just as guilty as I am. :-)

Twitter Down, FB slow, it is not the end of the world! (Google down might be THE END, LOL) But seriously, things like this catches us up by SURPRISE, only because we don’t expect or want these types of service interruptions to happen, EVER! But now we know, as we knew before, that they do happen and when they happen we should all go back to our normal life when there was no Twitter or FB…


How has the Twitter/FB attack affected your day?!

2 thoughts on “The Day “Tweets” Stood Still

  1. DyShon aka Shon Penn

    ok I can admit the simultaneous disruption was a bit stressful lol. In the end tho it's just a reality check. it's ok to just say high in person, actual call someone lol, or simply mind your own business lol.Alway keep the technology in Perspective ;)Shon Penn

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