FGM – The Rhinestone King

RhinestonesWhile looking for a way to express/promote my blog for my upcoming event Blog Café 1.0, I thought that having my blog website on a t-shirt would be a great, yet simple way to promote.
So I wanted just a tad bit more, so I thought about what would make it “standout” so then it came to me…Rhinestones!
Yes, like the ones on the Hoodies with the skulls and the NY Fitted caps. That’s what I wanted! But who da hell makes that here in NYC?! Maybe in BK they have a few shops, but I didn’t have time to go scavenger hunting. Maybe online?! eh, what if it doesn’t come out like I want it?!

OK….there has to be a place in Queens, Jamaica Queens to be exact…So after a few google searches, I came across this “life saving” post..Own This City (Time Out NY) and that’s how I came across FGM Designs better known as The Rhinestone King.

FGM DesignsFGM Designs will hook you with whatever you have in mind, from Obama to MJ to whatever Flags you representing, they will make it look super fly! Very flashy, very hot! Great way to promote your business. Prices very reasonable. Staff very friendly. For the amount of work that they do and the potential success of their business I wasn’t too impress with the location, but my guess is that this is where business is really at. Other than that, I was pleased with my item, and most of you will see it at the event, those of you that can’t make it will see it in the after event pics.

How to get in contact with FGM Designs?!

FGM DesignsDell – (323) 200-3213
Ken – (347) 983-6674
C. Dubb – (347) 419-5512
Cal – (347) 410-2784
Kev – (347) 653-6299
Email: rhynestoneking@gmail.com
Visit them on:
Myspace, Twitter,
Store is located:
165th Jamaica Avenue
inside the Jamaica Colosseum Mall
Booth Number 113

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  1. F.G.M designs

    Hey, how you doing, this is Dell from F.G.M Designs. I'm just checking in to wish you and your family a Happy Thankgiving. The blog you wrote about us got great reviews from our customers and we appreciate that. To show our appreciation, we are working on a complimentary shirt for you. Stop by when you get a chance. By the way, our website is up and running. The link is fgmdesigns.net, check us out! Thank You!!!