MMS for iPhone – AT&T Approved

Multimedia Messaging Service on iPhone can make AT&T Network crash today:

So it seems that AT&T is or has finally given Apple iPhone the go-ahead-for-MMS.
YES, AT&T announced on its
Facebook page that it will issue new software Friday that will enable MMS message delivery for iPhones.
FINALLY! I mean I am not an iPhone user but my boyfriend is and it sucks that he can’t just see the pictures I send him without having to click on a link. SMDH (Shaking My Damn Head). So hopefully with this NEW update, he’ll be able to receive it on his phone and not have to click on a damn link. THANK YOU AT&T!!

But wait, But Can AT&T subpar service survive the eager iPhone users ready to send MMS?!

According to ComputerWorld, “In case it’s not readily apparent, this is going to be massive. iPhone MMS has the potential to totally crush AT&T’s networks. Get all your phone calls in on Thursday night; on Friday you may not even be able to pick up a call to save your life.” GASP…
I’ll be damned if because of iPhone users having MMS, my Blackberry has to go down. AT&T if you can’t handle iPhone having MMS then you need to let Apple go. Apple needs to go to a more reliable, sturdy network like Verizon.

Anyways, the update is now available through iTunes, if you are an iPhone user and have downloaded and used the MMS feature, please share with the rest of us how it’s going so far.

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