VMA 2009 – Taylor Swift gets #KanyeWested!

MTV VMA 2009

This was the funniest, most shocking moment of the VMA 2009.

Apparently Taylor Swift gets the award for the Best Female Video but Kanye obviously feels a certain way about it and got up on stage, took the mike from Taylor and this is what he had to say…

Kanye West Loses it

Taylor Swift was as speechless as most viewers were, we Twittered about it throughout the whole VMA show, and people on Twitter even came up with their name for what just happened. You’ve been #KanyeWested.

Throughout the shows rumors were that Kanye had been escorted out the building. Other rumors were that the VMA camera crew were informed to not film Kanye in the audience, unless he gets an award or is on stage for a performance.

Also, Kanye supposedly posted the following apology blog post on his website, but I just checked and it seems to no longer be there, maybe he wasn’t feeling THAT apologetic?! Strange…

Kanye's Apology to Taylor Swift

Anyways, so Beyonce gets the VMA for Video of the Year and gives Taylor Swift her moment, and she sure was happy to get it, lol, (click here to view it)

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