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How often do we find ourselves spending more time emailing, typing documents, etc… on our Blackberry/PDAs than on our computers? I must admit I am guilty on all these charges! Well, I’m NOT ONLY a Blackberry addict, but I love my Mac if it could fit in my pocket, I would carry it everywhere!
Anyways, most of us texters and emailers and phone addicts do not realize that we are injuring our poor little thumbs, apparently there’s a condition called Blackberry Thumb, sort of like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, it’s like Carpal Tunnel for your thumb. Symptoms may include pain and numbness in the thumbs and joints of the hand.

Below are some tips to help you ease the pain and keep those thumbs happy! :-D

Stop using the Blackberry!
Nah just kidding, that’s a little extreme.

Switch to a smaller Blackberry
One of the main reasons for Blackberry Thumb is the over extension of the thumb. To prevent this you should consider switching to a smaller device.

Use shortcuts
Shortcuts can help you get things done quicker and reduce the need to scroll. An easier way to get to the bottom of an email or document you can press B; to go back to the top of the email or document, press T.

Don’t answer all emails from your Blackberry
Leave the non urgent emails to when you get back to your computer. Use the AutoText feature. If you find yourself typing the same emails all the time, you may want to consider adding it to the AutoText feature.
Autotext is a feature on your device that will automatically change common spelling mistakes and also allow for shortcut words. So you can set the text ‘#address’ to display your entire mailing address.

Minimize your Blackberry usage
I know it’s hard, but try using your Blackberry for urgent emails and when there’s not a computer around.

Speak on the phone, instead of e-Mailing or Texting: Take a break to stretch your fingers
Do this stretch at least once for every half hour you spend typing: Spread your fingers open wide, hold for 10 seconds, and repeat eight times. (

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