Blogging Tip# 2 Choosing a Blog Hosting Site?

Blogging Tip# 2

Choosing a Blog Hosting Site?

To WordPress or to Blogger, that is the question?!

Blogger and wordpress logoWordPress and Blogger are the two most popular blogging sites out there. I use Blogger. I have tried WordPress, wasn’t feeling it, I guess I didn’t like WordPress formatting. At the time when I tried WordPress I had already been using Blogger for about a year, then something happened and I figured I’d give WordPress a try, but it didn’t work out for me, so I went back to Blogger and purchased a new domain.

My suggestion is play around with both WordPress and Blogger and see which one you feel most comfortable with. Once you have that down, then create your blog, by choosing (your blog name) or (your blog name), familiarize yourself with the different sections in Blogger or WordPress before you start publishing you postings. Pulsed blog has a good comparison of the two.

Don’t be so quick to purchase your domain name unless you know for sure that’s what you want your domain name to be. I’ll write a separate blogging tip on Domain Names, I find this topic very interesting.For now let’s work on choosing a blog hosting site, familiarizing yourselves with the blog hosting site, finding cool and free templates/layouts, and posting/publishing some posts.

For those of you that have a blog which hosting site do you use and why? Blogger or WordPress?

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Also check out this website for more info on choosing a hosting site:

*Stay tuned for next week’s blogging tip about Domain Names*

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3 thoughts on “Blogging Tip# 2 Choosing a Blog Hosting Site?

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  2. rose

    HelloI think it is really very nice tip and easy to create own blog.You have really well written about blog.Thank you very much for sharing such a good tip with us.vitamine

  3. Anita Santiago

    I agree its a good idea to look at both sites before deciding. Both sites have unique features that may suit your need depending on your niche as a blogger. I use Blogger and did not purchase a domain name for 6 months. You are right that one needs to research before finalizing a domain name. Great article and I look forward to more.