Good Hair…Good Movie

After watching Good Hair I realized how much money is wasted on hair products by not only women but also men.

I thought about how many different hair products I’ve tried to make my hair more to my liking. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE my hair, but there are times when I wish I could go short one day and long the next. I guess that’s where weaves and extensions come into place.

To me I see weaves and extensions as art, they look amazing and it is, like some of the women in the movie say, very untouchable. You do not touch art, you admire it from far. I think the only time when weave and extensions become a problem is when you are using your rent money to pay for your hair. Ouch, that’s scary, but I wasn’t surprised when I heard this…

Good Hair taught me a few things about…hair. I learned about the process of weaves, the dangers of relaxers, and the history of Indian hair, that was the most interesting part of the movie to me. If you don’t know the history, then I suggest you go watch the movie. Overall it was a great, entertaining, educational and interesting movie, Chris did a great job and summarized what would seem like a never ending topic, in a clever 1hr 35min movie.

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