Gory Films You Have to Netflix

After reading 5 Favorite Incredibly Gory Horror Films by Geek Tyrant, I Netflixed the following (2) movies and believe me they left me feeling like I wanted to throw up, my stomach turned a few times, I cringed and hid my face behind a pillow. UGH! sooo sick!

If you Netflix them today, you might get them in time for Halloween, which might be a great time to watch it with family. :-)

Cannibal Holocaust

OMG, how can I describe this?! Insanely insane! Very disturbing! Banned in over 50 countries, and you’ll see why. Just look at that poster. The movie is about a group of American Filmmakers that go to The Amazon in South America to study these tribes, unfortunately it seems the tribes got to study them… if you can tolerate Gory, then you won’t have a problem watching this (this is your WARNING).

Dead Alive: Braindead

Very gory, disgusting, funny movie. This movie made me feel like I wanted to throw up after a while. Just too much nastiness. LOL. The makeup is sick, special effects, if I had to pick a Halloween costume I would pick it from this movie. I love zombies, I think they are pretty scary!

*For more information on these movies visit: GeekTyrant