Ruth’s Chris – Amazing Steakhouse

This week I tried Ruth’s Chris in NYC for my boyfriend’s birthday. We had both tried Ruth’s Chris in Aruba and he had tried Ruth’s Chris in San Francisco, so we decided to try the one in NYC.

Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse
148 West 51st Street,
New York City, NY 10019
Phone: 212-245-9600

The main reason for our visit to Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse, was obviously for the STEAK! I do not eat steak on the regular like that, but I do know I love Filet Mignon, and that’s what I was having…

The Filet Mignon…
This time I decided to try it Medium Well, slightly pink in the middle but cooked well on the outside, I was scared, lol, but it was the best piece of steak I’ve had. Juicy, delicious! No words can describe the taste. Cooked at 1800 degrees and then topped with butter and brought out to you on a hot plate, that you can still hear the sizzling. It is one amazingly, tasty steak.

We also had the T-Bone Steak medium well.
Also cooked at 1800 degrees and served in a hot plate, topped with butter, still sizzling to perfection. The T-Bone steak is one steak that you won’t need steak sauce with. Flavorful to every bite, you’ll remember why you came to Ruth’s Chris in the first time.

The sides were just as amazing, we were recommended by our waiter to get the grilled Portobello mushroom platter that comes with mashed potatoes, grilled cherry tomatoes, asparagus, broccoli and of course, mushrooms. It was delicious. Again words cannot describe how good that side was.

And to top off our night and the celebration of my boyfriend’s birthday Ruth’s Chris honored his birthday with a free dessert of his choice. He got the Warm Apple Crumb Tart! As Ruth’s Chris menu would describe it: Granny Smith apples baked in a flaky pastry with streusel crust and vanilla bean ice cream. I call it delicious goodness.

One thought on “Ruth’s Chris – Amazing Steakhouse

  1. xcetrachick

    One of my fav places to devour steak dripping in butter. The only place that might come close is Morton's (in Phoenix or Vegas).