5 Simple Things You Can Do to Save Money

Drive Less Save money on gas by walking to the store instead of driving there.

Make your own coffee
Either bringing coffee from home in a thermos or brewing it in the break room will help you save some dough. Remember that post on Latte Factor?! You do the math.

Turn lights off Use less energy this is another simple way to save money. Heat and air conditioning will suck your wallet dry. So in the summertime open up some windows and in the wintertime, insulate your home.

Be pet-free… or get small pet.Thinking about getting a pet (I know I am), think about the the cost of their upkeep. According to MSN Money, you should expect to pay annual costs of pet ownership: cat, $640; small dog, $780; medium dog, $1,115; large dog, $1,500. Obviously, smaller is cheaper.

Less TV watching According to Multichannel News, the average monthly cable bill, excluding Internet access and other extras, now runs about $71. An easy way to cut costs is to downgrade to the BASIC Plan.

*For more information visit: MSN Money

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