NYC Mayoral Race – Go Vote 11/3/09

Dear Blog Readers,

November 3, 2009 is a very important day!
I know most of us think that ONE vote won’t mean or change a thing, but think about it:

If 500 NYers thought the same way, then it won’t be just ONE vote, it would be 500 votes that “didn’t mean or change a thing”

and that many votes CAN make a difference. So before you think that your one little vote does not mean much, I rather you NOT to think and just get up, get dressed and get it over with, GO OUT AND VOTE! Just like we get up to go to work, or to go out and party, we can do the same about voting. (KMP BLOG, Election Day)

Get to know your candidates:

Bill Thompson
Mike Bloomberg

*Do you need to know if you are registered to vote?! Click here to find out.
*Do not where your polling site is find it here: Polling Site Finder

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