Blogging Tip# 4 – Domain Names

Blogging Tip# 4
Domain Names

super long domain namesWhether your domain name or choosing a domain name can be as difficult as choosing a blog hosting site. You might say, why is domain name choosing difficult, just go with what your blog is about. True! But like many people sometimes we have problems remember web addresses, and the simpler it is the better… Remember KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid), well this is one of those times where you’ll want to use KISS. Short and sweet is a lot easier to remember, or if you are going for a long name, keep it simple and catchy. Like not too long, not too short, catchy and memorable. Also,, a long name, yet simple and catchy.

When I first purchased my domain for KMP last year, my domain name was, I was mad at myself for this domain name, it was too long, but I wanted people to know what KMP stood for, then something terrible happened to my blog and I was forced to buy a new domain if I wanted to continue my blog. That’s where came into place, and I love it, it is easy to remember and very simple. You can also have your name as your domain name, like if your site is personal and about you, or if you want to brand yourself. Try to avoid domain names that includes Underscore, dashes, numbers, etc… These tend to be difficult to remember. Here’s a list of Domain Suffixes you can use depending on your site:
.com Commercial
.net Network
.org Organization
.edu Educational
.biz Business
.gov Government
.mil Military
.info Information Source
.name Personal Name
.me Personal Websites
.tv Television Station
.us United States (see below)
.mobi Designed for Mobile Phones

*Info gathered from: The Help Center

Where do you purchase a domain?

I use, $10/yr Blogger has an option where you can purchase your domain via their site, that way your blog posts will be on your new domain page. I highly recommend that. I hope you have found this information helpful. Keep me posted if you’ve purchased a domain name and some of your tips.

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4 thoughts on “Blogging Tip# 4 – Domain Names

  1. ProMovieBlogger

    The main idea of your blog in the url services two purposes: It tells the viewer what your blog is about (i.e. advertising) and it helps with your SERP location, especially if you have used keywords. Google reads your URL name. will show up higher in a movie search than will.

    An excerpt from my post Starting a Movie Website: Choosing and Registering a Domain Name:

    "I would suggest something cool, memorable, a name that you can brand and market. What website name do you want on your business card, your T-Shirt or adorning your resume."

    1. kmp22 Post author

      Great info and two cents. Thanks for stopping by, your comments are always appreciated.